How to wear a wedding veil and tiara together.

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These two pages should answer most of your questions about the proper way to put on a veil with a comb as well as how to wear a tiara. All photos are in the orientation shown at the right.

Step #1:
Begin by holding the comb upside down, with the concave side upward, as in the photo. Both layers of tulle are pulled backward. The blusher, which is the shorter layer, is on top.

how to ear a veil>  

Step #2:
Rotate the comb forward as shown in the next three photos.

how to wear a tiara  

Just for reference, this is the WRONG WAY to hold the comb.


Step #3:
With the concave side of the comb now downward, slide it into the hair.

how to put on a wedding veil  

Step #4:
Slide the tiara on at a 45-degree angle.

how to put on a wedding tiara  

Step #5:
Adjust the tiara so that there is no gap between the veil and the tiara. For a snug fit, you may have to gently bend the tiara band to fit the shape of your head. If there are thin metal fingers on the tiara, these may also be adjusted for the most comfortable and secure fit.
** Note: the combs do not bend, only the headband or tiara style headpieces will bend (see an example of a comb on the right).

wearing a tiara with a veil  

Step #6:
If you have pin loops like these, secure the tiara with bobbypins through the pin loops to hold it in place.

how to wear a wedding tiara with veil  

Step #7:
Cover the ends of the exposed band with hair.

wearing the tiara  

NOTE: If you’re wearing your hair down, without a veil, slant the tiara like this for best effect. Don’t perch it on top of your head or you’ll look more like a beauty pageant winner than a bride.

wearing a wedding tiara and veil  

IF YOU ARE WEARING THE VEIL AT THE TOP OF THE HEAD, it should join the base of the tiara, with no gap. The veil may also be sewn onto the tiara with invisible thread. Many brides sew snaps or use velcro to attach the veil. This way you can remove the veil for the reception and still wear the tiara. You will want to remove the veil to be able to dance, and to prevent it from being pulled off when that long lost relative gives you a bear hug in the reception line. But you will want to leave the tiara on so that everyone will be able to see, when they look at their photos afterward, exactly who the bride was.

wearing a bridal veil and tiara  

Gently raise the top layer of the veil (the blusher) over the tiara.

wearing a wedding veil and tiara  

The blusher will soften your look and create a more romantic mood. You will be amazed at the transformation. It’s the blusher that will bring everyone to tears!

how to wear a wedding veil  

WHEN WEARING AN UPDO, the tiara should be placed well back, against the hair. Keep in mind that if you have a long face, you may want to choose a low, flat tiara or headband because a high, pointed tiara will make your face look even longer. If you have a round face, you will look good in almost any tiara shape, but a tiara that rises to a point in the middle will be most complimentary. Finally, if you have a petite face, be careful about choosing a really large tiara as it may overwhelm you. The tiara should bring attention up to your face by framing it, not attract attention away from it.

how to wear a wedding crown without a veil  

A veil may also be attached behind an updo.

how to wear a tiara with an updo  

The CORRECT WAY to wear a tiara with an updo.

how to wear a wedding veil with different hairstyles  

The INCORRECT WAY to wear a tiara with this hairstyle.