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Here are the newest additions to our collection! All of these unique headpieces were introduced by our designers in Winter of 2012. The black crystal tiara surprised us by becoming one of our most popular headpieces. Perfect for a black and white wedding!

Click on each picture to view the headpiece on a bride, and see some suggestions for wearing these exquisite tiaras. Please note that some items are available in both gold and silver colors. These have been designated "A" for silver and "B" for gold. Gold-tone tiaras typically have ivory pearls, while silver-tone tiaras have white pearls. Any exceptions to this will be noted in the descriptions. Only the finest, natural luster manmade pearls are used in these crowns. The crystal rhinestones are cut like diamonds with precise facets to capture the light and gleam like real gemstones.

Also visit our Cinderella Headpieces-Silver and Cinderalla Headpieces-Gold web pages for additional new tiaras.


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unique wedding headband crystal and pearl unique wedding headband  

All of the above unique wedding tiaras are built from genuine faceted leaded-glass crystals and beautifully plated metals. To keep costs within a budget, real diamonds, pearls, gold and silver are not used. The terms "gold" and "silver" refer to color only. Nearly all of our tiaras are plated with rhodium, which is more expensive than silver and does not tarnish quickly the way silver does. A few of our museum tiaras are plated with real gold. We do not use plain glass rhinestones in any of our pieces.

bride in limoHi :)
I received my tiara today and WOW! It is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. The quality is unbelievable. My matron of honor was married last May and bought her tiara from (name deleted) and she paid $200.00...I also tried on tiaras from the same store when I bought my gown. Your tiaras are soooooo much better. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened my box just now!! I know I'm rambling, I am just shocked...I honestly didn't expect something soo beautiful and amazing. This tiara definitely makes my wedding complete. It matches everything perfectly. Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are all the best!!!!
Kelley - Baltimore, Md.